MX5 engines, restoring and conversions.

The MX5 is based around the idea of the driver being at one with the car (Jinba ittai togetherness), it is main reason we love the MX5’s at Basset Down Balancing. Yes, there are faster cars out there. Yes, there are higher specification sports cars out there. However, when it comes to driverbility and fun factor, the MX5 does just that. The two main parts of the car that in our mind, needs upgrading is the suspension performance and the Engine power. We offer a multitude of areas to improve on. Scroll down and take a look.

Suspension upgrade

A focused damper package is a must have. Our brand of choice is Miester-R, we find them to be priced right and overall a very reliable unit. Most importantly, a great looking upgrade for your pride and joy.

Bring your own parts and we will build with dyno testing included.

What we do while building your engine:
• Chemically clean all the recycled components
• Cylinder head reconditioning and machining
• Cylinder honing (re-bearing is available with additional cost)
• Dynamically balance
• Bearing clearance
• Piston ring gaps
• Assembly of engine
• Dyno testing
• Oiled, wrapped and packed ready for transportation.
We will supply you with a balancing and dyno testing information sheet for your records.

Total cost of this package is £1350 + VAT (Pricing correct as of Dec 2018)
We can provide postage. However, with additional costs and at your own risk.

Stage 1

For those who only need a small jump up, which is based around the stock ECU.  It’s ideal for a stock MX5 hill-climb/sprint championship. We see a average rise from 115bhp to 130bhp, with some help from replacement cams and cylinder head work. More if you decide too. This can be done by using a after market ME221 ECU and removing the air flow meter.

Stage 2

This is our recon PLUS unit. We offer a standard exchange recon engine with H beam steel conrods, Cometic head gasket, ARP head, main and conrod bolts,  boundary oil pump also, compression is 9-1 factory standard. This engine is ideal up to 300hp turbo package. We can offer this package with a higher compression ratio and some higher lift cams with ITBS. Which we can supply along with a ME221 ECU.

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Stage 3

For the more adventurous out there. We offer the option of stage three engine builds with high compression forged pistons, steel H beam, Conrods high lift cams and ITBS (from CAM EFI)and after market ME221 ECU. All plug in and play. This will slot straight into your existing car. At this point we can offer a range of options: different heads, cam profiles, adjustable cam pulleys and valve options. All tailored to exactly what you want to use the car for. All you need do is tell us your overall goal between 150-170bhp.

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Stage 4 (300-400hp)

This is our turbo or supercharged engine package. The basic package is a recon exchange unit with a full reconditioned cylinder head, all new seals also, comes with low/std compression forged pistons, H beam steel rods, cosmetic head gasket, ARP main rod and head bolts or studs, boundary oil pump. This package is aimed at 300-400hp. We suggest we look at changing cams and valve springs, if your looking for power closer to 400hp. A full head port with 1mm bigger valves would also be needed. However, we can fit around your budget and aspirations, we just need to know what you hope to achieve.

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Stage 5 (1600cc MK1)

This engine is our Mazda championship engine. This engine is a fully reconditioned exchange unit with a big nose crankshaft with 0.50mm, overbore genuine Mazda pistons and rings, crankshaft. If the crankshaft is regrounded we will rebalance to match the set of conrods and pistons. 0.40 thou head skim, 3 angle valve seats cosmetic head gasket and new OEM oil pump. All new seals and our textured cam cover all as standard. As with all of our engines, they are run in on our super-flow engine dyno with power runs to prove power. Also, checking for oil pressure across the rpm range. This engine comes with a dyno sheet. Will be capable of 105bhp at the wheels as per championship rules depending on tune.
(please note all our engine are not supplied with any electronics)

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Stage 6

This engine is our normally aspirated full race high compression option. We can offer 85.5mm bore, forged pistons full race 13mm, high lift billet camshafts (from Cat Cams), super-tech 1mm bigger stainless steel valves, double valve springs and titanium spring caps, fully ported cylinder head with 3 angle valve seats, steel H Beam conrods, ARP through out, boundary billet oil pump, fully blue printed and balanced engine parts designed to rev to 9000rpm. Ideal for ITBS. Also, available to order direct from us. Our ITBS packages are bespoke to each application. Individual bodies with bespoke angles, for best power and fitment for your MX5 engine. This option comes standard with a baffled sump and anti surge plate .

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Rocketeer MXV6 conversion engines

For this option, we take the fantastic AJ30 Jaguar v6 engine. We give it a top to tail rebuild with all new gaskets seals, bearings, oil pump and pistons rings. Ready for your conversion, using the Rocketeer conversion kit.

Although, the Rocketeer package is comprehensive for the MX5 MK1 and MK2. You can buy headers and link pipe, intake manifolds flywheel or any other parts separately to suit your build.This engine may be suitable for a range of applications, including: seven style kit cars or ford based rear drive projects or something similar. Engines typically produce in the region of 260bhp on the dyno, all naturally aspirated.

Give us a call, i’m sure we can put together a package that will suit what your goals are.

Please come and see our demo car and take it out for a spin you won`t be disappointed.

Restoration of MX5 MK1, MK2 and MK2.5

Full or part restoration is one of our many services here, if its just a underbody strip and clean, derust, unseal and wax. Oil after and cill replacements.

Full restoration is our next goal, we hope next year to do our first fully comprehensive ground up restoration.

Please take a look at our blog page for updates on our demo cars and projects.