Engine Building

Engine building to the highest standards are part of what Basset Down can offer its customers. Although Basset Down are Mazda MX5 Engine specialists we do have experience in engines such as the Lotus Twin Cams and Mini engines.

Basset Down has invested heavily in tooling and machinery to be able bring more of the preparation work in house to ensure the attention to detail that our customers have come to expect is maintained. Our state of the art hot automatic jetwash gives us the advantage of starting with a clean engine (pictured below) before we start building.

We are also able to offer engine building to all different stages of tune for road and race with after market ecu technology or a stock ecu to give you the best performance we can with your budget.

Mazda MX5 1.6

We always carry two or more fully assembled MX5 race spec engines. These are available in two specifications, either as a Stage One tune, which includes some head modifications, 3 angle valve seats & a bottom end built with ACL race big end main bearing shells for £1350 plus VAT, bringing this spec engine in at a very attractive price.

We can also supply a fully tuned engine that comes as above but with over sized pistons and many other modifications to get the best out of it, but still keeping it within the rules of the Mazda racing series for the MK1 1600 cars, these retail for £2000 plus VAT.

Engine Dyno

Engine running in and tuning is avalible after once an engine has been built. This is a service Basset Down can offer so you have the best possible situation before the engine is installed in the car. Running on an engine dyno gives us the opertunity to keep a close eye on temperatures and pressures while the engine is running in, we can then tune the engine to best timing positions while doing power runs to optimise both tourque curve and HP Figures.

Lotus Twin Cam

The Lotus Twin Cam pictured above was a project we undertook in 2011 to build our customer a reliable & fast road/track engine.

As well as knife edging the crank and a complete bottom end balance we also fitted higher compression over sized pistons and a sports cam shaft giving figures of 140HP And 132lbs of Torque at 6300rpm.

The engine now in the car has proved to be a wonderful smooth engine for cruising with a nice pull for the open road or track day

Engine Bay Installation

Engine installations can also be done at Basset Down, we pride our selves on functional and tidy well thought out refits.

An engine bay whether it be in a race car, kit car or road car should always have room to work with all the electrics and pluming put out of the way to show off the engine.

A simple tidy up of the engine bay with a nicly painted rocker cover and new silicon hoses can really set of off a new build or tune up.