About Us

This segment is to give you a insight of our history as a business and how we became the owners of Basset down balancing:

Basset Down Balancing started in 1971. In a place called basset down near Swindon. We took it over from Phillip Selwyn-smith in 2009. We have been a family ran business ever since. We then moved the company a bit closer to home,  near Membury. However, Basset Down Balancing soon grew to big and we relocated to Lambourn woodlands, just off the M4. Once we where settled we decided to expand the company by providing a larger variety of services.

Basset Down Balancing has been engine balancing for over 40 years. In that time we have built a reputation for excellence. Our reputation is something we are very passionate about here at Basset Down Balancing. We take great pride in our work to provide you with the very best. Our many years of experience has given us a wealth of knowledge which we desire to keep expanding on. With our growth as a business, we have adapted to the requirements and needs of our customers. Resulting in us providing more services because of the high demand.

What we can do for you:

Balance crankshafts from single cylinder engines right up to 16-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

Other components we can and have balanced are electric rotors. Also, machine components including: lathe shafts, one or two-piece prop shafts, PTO shafts, drive shafts and fans of various types/sizes.

Dynamic Balancing

Lightening & Knife Edging

Engine Building

Dyno Testing

 MX5 Engines/ Restoring/ Conversion (MX5V6)