Stage 5

What is included in stage 5:

  • Standard connecting rods
  • ACL bearings main big end thrust
  • OEM oil pump
  • ARP main and head bolts
  • 50 mm oversized Piston and rings
  • Cam, stem and rear main seals
  • Cometic head, Cam cover, Oil pump gaskets
  • Timing cover in plastic and timing belt
  • OEM damper
  • Core plugs
  • Water pump
  • Oil filter
  • Rocker covers repainted

Machining includes:

  • Block honing and refacing
  • Chemically dipped and stripped
  • Valve 3 angle seats recut
  • Head skimming 040”
  • Dynamically balanced with result sheet
  • Rebuild of engine
  • Dyno testing with results sheet

Total cost of this package is £3481.00 + VAT. (Pricing correct as of December 2018)

We can provide postage. However, with additional costs and at your own risk.